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Top Tips

As a member of The Yacht Exchange you are free to browse listings and interact with other members to agree exchanges as you wish.

Here are our top tips for the best experience:

Ask Questions

Once you’ve chosen a destination and yacht that is of interest, begin discussing your potential exchange or owner week purchase. This is your chance to ask your fellow member or owner as many questions that you have about their yacht, charter company, charter costs and required sailing experience or license. You can also obtain first-hand knowledge on the cruising ground, provisioning, local restaurants and travel tips. The more details you discuss, the less likely any misunderstandings are.

Once you exchange or buy the owner week you charter, you will deal directly with the charter company and be subject to their charter contract terms and conditions, as you would when booking with your own charter company. Each company operates differently, so be sure to check through all the paperwork so you know what to expect.

We’ve also got a helpful list of FAQs to help you on your way.

Keep it Simple

Our recommendation is that you mutually agree on a straight exchange that does not involve the exchange of money or bank account details with other members. If you are purchasing an owner week then make sure the full price and payment terms are agreed. The charter dates and boat size might not be of equivalent value, but remember you are exploring a new destination and charter experience. Think of it as inviting your friends to use your yacht and just asking them to cover the expenses.

Once you’ve agreed to gift or sell a high or low season week to a fellow member, inform each other’s charter company so they can email the gifte directly to confirm the transfer of the contracted week and the time frame within which it must be redeemed. This way, even if you’re undecided on which exact week to book you can confidently confirm the exchange, knowing you’ll get your week in return.


Stay Friends

Be polite and courteous. Good communication and building friendship is a helpful part of the process. You might even end up doing more than one exchange with the same member.

You’re in control of your privacy. Once you connect with another member, you are free to interact outside of our secure messaging system, but please note that whilst using our chat feature it protects your personal contact information and provides the ability to block other members from being able to contact you.

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